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Keeping the above factors in mind next time you take the wheel with alcohol running inside your body will help you save yourself and others.Whether you are just coming out of a friend’s place, after a party or any occasion, you might have to as yourself this question before getting behind the wheel; Am I high? . If the answer is no but still if you have consumed any sort of drug or alcohol, you might want to avoid taking the wheel. Why fool yourself when you clearly know that alcohol or drugs can lead for a huge punishment by law. Still think its ok to drive with one shot of tequila? Read this article, you might realize the mistake of thinking as such.


Whether we have consumed alcohol or not, driving is a risk. You will still be in the middle of a huge accident, even if you have followed all the road rules and signs. So, does alcohol do you any favor? A tiny bit of alcohol or drugs can run around your body because it gets absorbed to your bloodstream instantly. Thereby, you will still be facing for blurred visions, lack of concentration, sleepiness and dizziness. This will put you, the passengers, pedestrians and other drivers at a huge risk. Being in-charge of someone’s destruction isn’t the best feeling ever. Apart from the money you have to spend on drink driving lawyers for legal assistance, you will have to live with guilt and regret. So, do you really want to risk the safety of another?


The amount you have to spend on drug lawyers or any sort of lawyer isn’t easy. In fact, this can even put you in debt. But, it will be the only way to avoid imprisonment or any other huge punishment. Either way, drunk driving means you will be putting your finance in a huge risk. Not only that, imagine the costs you will have to bear apart from the lawyers fees.


Drunk driving can cause physical, mental and emotional damage to you and those around you. Physical damage can, of course, vary depending on the accident. But, there is a high chance of you and others being in the middle of a permanent physical damage. It is not fun at all. Also, the trauma that it can bring to a person’s mind is absolutely unbearable. One can be lead to anxiety, depression or any other mental illness simply due to your stupidity. These are not things that can be cured easily. The scar that will be left is permanent.

Taking a risk and getting behind the wheel after alcohol or drug consumption means you are driving towards your own destruction and putting others at risks.

Affects Of Driving ‘high’
Affects Of Driving ‘high’

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