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Are you applying for a tourist visa to sightsee Australia this summer? Or are you applying for a study permit to complete your higher studies? Whatever your reason for visiting this beautiful country, you should know that the visa process can be a bit tricky for those who have not gone through it before. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Know what visa you need – the first thing you need to properly figure out is what type of visa you will need for your stay in Australia. As you would know, there are many different types of visas, but Australia has a particularly high variety of them: there are subcategories as well as streams to each type of visa, and the application procedures tend to differ for each of these. As a result, not only is it extremely easy to be confused and pick a visa that does not align with your interests, but also keep in mind that a wrong visa application will be instantaneously rejected – and no, you won’t be getting a refund either. Therefore, make it a priority to first figure out your visa requirements – if you are unsure of the process, keep in mind that there are many migration agents willing to help you out on this.
  • Fill out the applications correctly and properly – as redundant as this might sound, even the Adelaide migration agent will still remind you to properly fill out your application, and to make sure that you have inputted the correct information. If you go through an agent, they will most definitely go through your application all over again as well. there is a simple reason why: there are not a few, but many people who fail to properly fill out their applications, the most common mistake being the fact that they forget to sign at the very end. If you have decided to apply alone, it might be worthwhile to have a friend or family member check your application once more – there might always be a blank or space you missed!
  • Be truthful in your dealings – another important tip when it comes to applying for Australian visas – or actually, just about any visa from any country – is to be truthful with regards to your situation. Naturally, if you had previous misdemeanour offences or specific medical conditions, you might see these as minuses on your application – and you might have an urge to withhold this information (more so if they would not be noticed in the first place). However, it is often a better idea to disclose everything when you have the chance to – immigration authorities are strict, and if they catch onto your lies, you will know that they won’t be letting you off easily. Worst case of all, you might be banned from travelling to the country again.
Australian Visa Applications – Helpful Tips

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