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If you are currently facing criminal charges you will most likely start hearing a lot of confusing legal terms as your case moves forward. A presentence investigation report also more commonly known as PSI repot is one of the legal concepts that you will have the opportunity to hear. With relatively serious criminal offences the judge often tends to request a PSR to assist the court in making a justified sentencing decision. In order to be prepared in advance, here’s what you should know regarding a PSI report and how to improve it.

Factors considered in a PSI Report

In order to prepare the pre sentence report Australia first, the defendant is interviewed and his criminal record is taken into account along with the circumstance of the offence, the personal history of the defendant including family history, education, employment record, finances etc. A statement from the victim is also attached which is known as victim impact statement. Judge also wilds the power to request additional information such as ordering a drug test which is especially more likely if the charged crime is a drug related offence. It is in your best interests to be prepared for a drug test during the time in which a presentence investigation occurs.

How Does the Judge Use the PSI Repot?

Through a sufficient presentence investigation report along with an evaluated impairment assessment psychiatrist the judge possess all the relevant information to propose and put forward a proper sentence for the defendant. The judge will review and determine the important factors of the report before he pass the verdict and the sentence is carried. The judge will take the best possible cause of action for the convict, victim and society based on the hearing and the information included in the PSI. make sure you have a skilled federal criminal defense attorney in hand in order to prepare a successful presentence report for it may be your one saving grace.

Take measures to Improve your PSI report

It is viral that the defendant makes a positive impression on the probation officer who prepares the PSI report. And be careful when conversing with the officer during the interview as the defendants’ statements can be used in their reports. In order to gain a fair and successful presentence report a defense lawyer can take a number of measures to ensure to make the judge aware of the information more favorable to the defendant. Such as by improving the defendants personal profile through agreeing for negotiation, performing community service etc., implementing possible alternative sentences placing the defendant in house arrest or rehab rather than a prison sentence, preparing a written statement with relevant documents of past cases and evidence stating why the defendant should be given a lighter sentence rather than a harsher sentence. Can considerably improve your PSI report which will ultimately result in a jail free ticket.

What Is A Presentence Report? How Is It Used?

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